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computer programming languages mash-up in different colorsWe have a large network of talented and qualified consultants working with us. Tell us about your project/position and we will work with you to get the right expert on your team.


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Node.js off lime green and grey and white logoNow offering Node.js, MongoDB and Javascript training! With over 8 years of experience in training in the technical computer fields, MDM offers a breadth of knowledge. Training for most courses is done remote and online.
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RDF Resource Description Framework Metadata Icon RDF stands for Resource Definition Framework. A web standard published by the W3C, it is syntactically similar to XML and shares a similar role in data. W3C’s first publication of the RDF standard was back in February 22nd 1999. Web semantics and data have evolved much since then and the W3C along with Microformats and Linked Data communities have continued evolving these standards. Despite the great effort from the community to bring semantic data and ontology to the web, the dreams and potential of a web with holistic data connectivity has yet to become a reality. The power and the potential of such data connectivity is unfathomable, allowing for the longest tail searches coming up with pinpoint accuracy every time or to be able to search massive amounts of data with queries including the minutest details to again be as accurate and precise. The power to give the computer understanding of digital content to give it the leverage to do those things.

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